The most comprehensive classification of bubble mailers in history?

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Nowadays, in the process of parcel logistics and distribution, it is inevitable that the outer packaging of the parcel is squeezed, rubbed, and impacted. Even if the products in the package are not affected in most cases, when a customer receives a package full of tape, he must be uncomfortable in his heart, and it also affects the customer experience. How can we give the customer a full product? Where is the caring protection? The key is to choose the packaging that suits your product.

Bubble mailer are currently the most popular packaging in the e-commerce industry. Bubble bags have a wide variety of products. Different types of bubble bags have different appearances, such as simple, exquisite, cool, and so on. , You can freely choose according to your own products. The bubble bag has a buffer protection material, which can prevent moisture, drop, puncture, and tear, and can give customers a different experience.

Kraft paper bubble mailer

Kraft paper bubble mailers are divided into white kraft paper bubble mailers, yellow kraft paper bubble mailers, black kraft paper bubble mailers, and kraft paper bubble mailers. Its outer layer is kraft paper, with cushioning material bubble film inside. It is light and recyclable, the surface is easy to write, and the seal can be equipped with an easy-to-tear tape. It is the first choice for mailing electronic products, valuables, and company samples.

Pearlescent film bubble mailer

The outer layer of the pearl film bubble mailer is a pearl film, and the inner layer is a cushion material bubble film. It has the characteristics of bright appearance, texture, good waterproof performance, anti-fouling, etc. It is widely used in the transportation and packaging of clothing, electronic products, craft glass products, gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, etc

Co-extruded film bubble mailer

The outer layer of the co-extruded film bubble mailer is a PE co-extruded film, and the inner layer is a cushioning material bubble film. Co-extrusion film can choose two-layer or multi-layer co-extrusion film, which has high surface stiffness, high grade, good water resistance and waterproof ability, and good color performance. It is the favor of clothing e-commerce.

Aluminized bubble mailer

Aluminum-plated film bubble bag, the outer layer is Ambilight aluminum-plated film, with a cushioning material bubble film inside. In addition to the characteristics of the above several types of bubble bags, it also has optional appearance colors, bright colors, personalized, and gives people a cool feeling. It is deeply loved by appearance control. At the same time, it is also more suitable for use in women’s products. On packaging, such as jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

Synthetic paper bubble mailer

The inner layer of the bubble bag is made of bubble film, and the outer layer is made of synthetic paper. It has the characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling, and the effect of full-page printing is better.

No outer bubble mailer

On the premise of ensuring safety, the bag body only has bubble film. No outer layer, which can reduce the use of external packaging materials for the product, and the contents of the bag can be clearly seen

Pearl cotton bubble mailer

The outer layer of the product is pearl film or co-extruded film, and the inner layer is pearl cotton, which has the functions of light weight, good cushioning effect, heat insulation and heat preservation

Insulation mailer

The outer layer is aluminum foil tin foil, and the inner layer is environmentally friendly pearl cotton. The product can heat insulation, cold preservation, shockproof, and the heat preservation time can be as long as 3 to 5 hours. It is widely used in catering, takeaway and other industries.

Exquisite portrait printing bubble mailer

Four-color overprinting of exquisite portraits, landscapes, high printing precision, better brand promotion effect

Rotary printing bubble mailer

Exquisite printing, many colors, good publicity effect, Tengen currently has large-scale rotary printing equipment, high efficiency, and exquisite printing patterns

Secondary use of bubble mailer

After the product is used for the first time, it can be reused twice, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and saves packaging costs

Pre-printed bubble mailer

In the production stage, the variable barcode is printed in advance to pre-print the customer’s delivery information to improve efficiency and reduce the use of label materials

With attached bubble mailer

Combining the bubble envelope and the back plastic bag into one can effectively save the production cost of the enterprise and improve the work efficiency. This is also Tengen’s patented product and won the China Printing Award

Open window bubble mailer

The outer layer adopts a window-opening design, which is convenient for the delivery and management of items. It is the first choice for mailing important information such as official documents and bills. The outer layer is made of kraft paper or co-extruded film, and the inner layer is a bubble mailer

Handle hole co-extruded film bubble mailer

punch hole on the co-extruded film bubble mailer, convenient for customers to carry

Bubble mailer with variable information

Variable strip numbers can be printed on the surface to facilitate product query and traceability

Material: outer layer is kraft paper, inner layer is bubble film

17: The bottom of the organ bubble mailer the bottom of the bubble mailer is equipped with a phoenix bottom, which can hold larger items

Ultra-light co-extrusion film bubble mailer

The film is ultra-light co-extrusion film, lightweight small bubble bubble film, no bubbles on the tongue, under the same performance, the weight can be only 1/2 of the ordinary co-extrusion film bubble mailer

Suitable for air freight, cross-border e-commerce and other customers who are more sensitive to weight

Big bubble bubble mailer

The outer layer can be no outer layer, kraft paper, pearl film, co-extruded film, etc., and the inner layer is atmospheric bubble film

The bubble adopts a large bubble design, which has strong resistance to pressure, is not easy to break, and has good cushioning performance

Fully biodegradable bubble mailer

Environmentally friendly and fully degradable material, the main component is PBAT+starch Tengen has all the bubble mailers introduced above, and supports exclusive customization. You can select or customize bubble mailers that suit your product according to your own needs to increase sales and bring a good experience to your customers.

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