Tengen Heavy Duty Shrink Film, Extra Strong Stretch Black Hand Stretch Wrap

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Tengen Heavy Duty Shrink Film, Extra Strong Stretch Black Hand Stretch Wrap

🧵【Solid & Durable】Most durable packaging film, excellent elasticity, easy to open, fit itself, perfect seal.

🧵【Strong Privacy】Black hand stretch film, black stretch film can effectively hide the goods and avoid the goods from being peeped

🧵【Extremely Strong & Tear Resistant】High performance 18 inch Stretch premium film with high puncture resistance that is tacky on both sides providing greater cling strength and pallet load stability.

🧵【Multifunction】Stretch wrap Can Be Used to Move and Protect Any of Your Household Items, And Use It to Wrap Irregularly Shaped Items, best choice for packaging

🧵【High Quality】 Durable, and Tough on Corners,Black Hand Wrap Stretch Film Smooth, Easy Release – Wraps Loads Fast with Little Effort



Product Name Black Stretch Film(Support customization and spot wholesale)
Brand Name Tengen
Material LLDPE
Size Customized
Color Black,Yellow, White, natural, Golden,Yellow, White,Support Multiple Colors And Printing Patterns Customization
Thickness Import 25 μm
Weight 0.3KG
Feature Strong stretching, uniform tension during stretching, good self-adhesiveness, super winding force
Payment terms T/T, Western Union, LC etc.
Certificate ISO9001&14001  FCA
Shipping Method Full Containers Loads By Sea Shipment

Tengen Advantages

🍀Tengen provides different types of stretch film according to the customer’s industry and application field

🍀There are many categories and complete functions. Tianyuan stretch film can be divided into transparent stretch film, color stretch film, printed stretch film, and ultra-thin stretch film according to different films.

🍀Full of weight and weight, Tianyuan uses a thin and strong paper core, and the interface is edged (to prevent hand scratches). The thickness of the winding film is uniform, the physical properties are excellent, and the net weight is up to standard.

🍀Widely used in banks, hospitals, governments, police stations, hotels, supermarkets, airport duty-free shops, express logistics and transportation services

🎁Thank you for your support to our products,Tengen will provide the best quality products and after-sales service to customers all over the world!


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