Tengen Roll-Type White Self-Adhesive Thermal Paper

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Tengen Roll-Type White Self-Adhesive Thermal Paper

💝【Clear Print 】The paper is clean, the printing is clear, and the high-quality facial paper is used, which is white and flat, and the handwriting is displayed clearly

💝【Strong Adhesive】Strong glue, stick firmly with high-viscosity glue, firm and not warped, not easy to fall off

💝【Support Customization 】Complete specifications, support customization of more than 100 specifications in stock, to meet various needs

💝【Four-proof 】High-quality four-proof technology: waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof, scratch-proof

💝【Wide Applications 】Wide range of applications; widely used in logistics and warehousing, express labels, clothing tags, etc., can be attached to plastic, paper, metal, wood and glass are used to identify items and quickly organize them.



Product Name Thermal Shipping Labels
Material 100% wood pulp hot roll, no BPA hot roll
Features Smooth printing, high-definition lasting, no need for ribbon printing, clear handwriting, long-lasting and stable thermal printing color
Storage Time 2-7-year image life
Basic Weight 48 gsm; 50 gsm; 55 gsm;58 gsm;60 gsm;65 gsm; 70 gsm; 80 gsm etc.
Shipping Method Full Containers Loads By Sea Shipment
Payment Method       T/T,  Visa, PayPal, and other payment terms are available.

Tengen Advantages

🍀 【Capacity Advantage】Listed company, a large factory with thousands of people, five major manufacturing bases in the country, multiple sophisticated equipment, strong supply capacity, daily production capacity of 200W+, daily shipments of up to 50,000 boxes

🍀【Price Advantage】China’s top 100 printing companies, all raw and auxiliary materials are produced by the company, and the price advantage is obvious

🍀 【Storage Advantage】5 major manufacturing bases in China (Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan) self-built logistics, multi-warehouse delivery

🍀 【Equipment Advantages】With 600 modern large-scale production equipment, tens of thousands of large and small equipment, fast delivery and high production capacity

🎁Thank you for your support to our products,Tengen will provide the best quality products and after-sales service to customers all over the world!


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