Tengen Self Seal Poly Mailer Bags Waterproof and Tear-Proof Envelope Mailers

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Tengen Self Seal Poly Mailer Bags Waterproof and Tear-Proof Envelope Mailers

🌻【Fashionable Candy Color】These colorful polyethylene mails are a fun and stylish way to deliver your packages, add personalization to your packages, let customers remember your brand, and help you increase sales.

🌻【Easy to Use】Simple peeling and sealing-each plastic pouch contains a powerful self-sealing adhesive strip. Just peel it off and fold it up to safely and reliably seal each package.

🌻【Wide Range of Applications】Poly mailers are ideal for transporting lightweight and non-breakable products. These large polyethylene mails are very suitable for transporting various items such as clothing and accessories, clothing, jewelry, books, cosmetics and beauty products, etc.

🌻【High Quality】100% brand new material, thick hand feeling, waterproof and moisture-proof, explosion-proof edge, good toughness, strong load-bearing.

🌻【Good Ductility】high tensile strength, large capacity, can hold sharp objects, not easy to break.



Product Name Self Seal Poly Mailer Bags
Material Import PE material
Size Support customized
Printing printing up to 8 colors
Thickness 25-120u
Packing Corrugated cardboard
Features Returnable & Reusable Double rubber strip
Test items Unit Standard requirements Test result Stretching rate
Stretching rate Vertical% ≥600 785 Qualified
  Horizontal% ≥600 979 Qualified
Heat sealing strength N/15mm ≥8 16.6 Qualified
Tensile strength Vertical Map ≥20 28.53 Qualified
Horizontal Map ≥20 27.08 Qualified
Payment terms T/T, Western Union, LC etc.
Certificate SGS,ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, SA8000, FSC

Tengen Advantages

🍀Tengen’s largest domestic manufacturer of green express packaging bags, and a national industrial product production license certification company

🍀The bag mouth skips the glue and leaks to prevent the glue from overflowing, and it is convenient for storage

🍀The mouth of the bag is extremely sticky, and it will be destroyed when opened to prevent cross-linking of goods

Multi-directional anti-counterfeiting protection, full tracking

🍀A full set of standard packaging products, complete categories, easy to purchase.

🎁Thank you for your support to our products,Tengen will provide the best quality products and after-sales service to customers all over the world!


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