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Tengen Writing Self-Adhesive Label Sticker Handwritten Price Label

💖Handwritten sticker labels are clear and firmly pasted, and a variety of specifications support customization

💖Laser tangent is neat and easy to tear, simple and convenient, just stick and use

💖Smooth writing and clear handwriting, suitable for all kinds of refill inks, long-lasting handwriting

💖Sturdy sticky and durable, durable removable label-very suitable for use as an ID label-can be used on any surface

💖The paper is thick enough and enough material 60 sheets/pack



Product Name  Writing Self-Adhesive Label Sticker
Size 50mm*19mm/50mm*29mm/67mm*57mm/100mm*58mm/


Production Equipment Rotary press printing–Die printing


Type Adhesive Sticker
Place of Origin Guangdong, China Express etc.
Shipping Method Full Containers Loads By Sea Shipment
Payment Method T/T,  Visa, PayPal, and other payment terms are available.

Tengen Advantages

🍀Listed GroupStrong manufacturer, sufficient production capacity, multiple production lines, and a large number of spot goods are available

🍀 [Storage advantage] 5 major manufacturing bases in China (Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan) self-built logistics, multi-warehouse delivery

🍀 [Equipment advantages] With 600 modern large-scale production equipment, tens of thousands of large and small equipment, fast delivery and high production capacity

🍀 [Capacity advantage] A large factory with thousands of people, multiple production lines, high efficiency, fast shipment, sufficient production capacity, daily shipments up to 50,000 boxes

🎁Thank you for your support to our products,Tengen will provide the best quality products and after-sales service to customers all over the world!


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