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Introduction to Honeycomb Padded Envelopes

Honeycomb cardboard envelope has the advantages of light weight, high compressive strength, and good cushioning performance. It is an environmentally friendly green material. The application fields of honeycomb cardboard are mainly construction industry, packaging and transportation industry, funeral industry, agriculture and so on. Honeycomb paperboard has high strength, light weight, heat insulation and sound insulation, and is especially suitable for making construction and decoration materials and products. It is light in weight and can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the building. At the same time, it can be made into walls, partitions, doors, etc. because of its good heat and sound insulation effects.Honeycomb cardboard envelope used for packaging and transportation can not only protect the product, but also reduce transportation costs

Specific Applications are as Follows

(1) Cushioning pads, gussets, etc.Since honeycomb paperboard has good cushioning properties, it can also be used as a cushioning pad and isolation board for packaging like corrugated paperboard, and its honeycomb sandwich structure makes its cushioning performance better than corrugated paperboard.When using it as a corner pad, generally cut one layer of paper from the core paper according to the size of the cardboard, leaving only the other layer of paper not to be cut, relying on this layer of paper to connect several pads on different sides together , And then put on the corresponding parts of the contents to be protected. Similar to cushioning pads, honeycomb paperboard can also be used as gussets and edge protection for transport packages, which is particularly suitable for collective packaging. The honeycomb paperboard can also be punched into a mold according to the size of the device to position the device.

Specific Applications are as Follows

(2)Paper tray:Because honeycomb paperboard has good planar compression performance, it can be used for the upper and lower decks of the pallet, and can also be used as the longitudinal beam or cushion of the pallet. At this time, it is necessary to combine several layers of thicker honeycomb paperboard according to the standard size of the longitudinal beams or cushion blocks, that is to say, the entire pallet is only made of honeycomb paperboard.

Specific Applications are as Follows

(3) Packing box:Like corrugated boxes, honeycomb cardboard can also be processed into cartons. However, because the honeycomb paperboard is thicker, and its strength after bending is greatly affected, it will inevitably affect the strength of the honeycomb paperboard box; at the same time, the processing of the honeycomb paperboard box cannot be as convenient and fast as the corrugated paperboard, and it cannot realize automatic production, and the production efficiency is low. , Therefore, subject to certain restrictions. Some small electromechanical products can use honeycomb paperboard alone or in combination with corrugated paperboard

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