Why Choose Register Receipt Paper?

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First of all, there is still a big difference between thermal printing paper and ordinary printing paper. As we mentioned above, because the surface of thermal paper is coated, the possibility of paper shredding is very low, which saves time and cost and greatly protects The print head is extended, and the life of the printer is prolonged. In addition to this situation, the handwriting of things printed on thermal paper is also very clear. The surface of thermal paper is smooth and flat, which can make printing smoother and improve the overall printing efficiency of the receipt. Generally, we don’t need ribbon to print on thermal paper. We just need to change the printer to thermal mode. The thermal print head will automatically turn black when it touches the credit card paper rolls and ribbon. In this printing process, we only need to adjust the printing temperature and the image you need to print.

Wholesale Thermal Paper

However, while the thermal receipt paper rolls brings us convenience, the writing on the documents printed on thermal paper will gradually fade after being stored for a period of time. Many people are also worried about its fading. In fact, the fading of thermal paper is a common phenomenon.

Why does the thermal papers fade?

The fading is also due to the unique dyes used in thermal paper. As we mentioned earlier, the leuco dye covering the thermal paper is colorless at room temperature, and becomes another colored structure due to a chemical reaction at high temperature. However, this structure is not so stable, and it will become a colorless structure before meeting the right conditions. After a shopping receipt is printed, it may come into contact with various chemicals in the environment during the preservation process, and may also encounter sunlight or high temperature, which may cause the dye on the thermal paper to return The colorless form makes the small ticket fade.

Considering that many people still don’t know the specifications and storage methods of thermal paper very well, then let’s take everyone to understand it!

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